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ZP Patch Technology

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Unique Delivery System
Zosano's delivery system puts drug directly into skin for efficient drug delivery — benefits of an injection but without the needle

While topical transdermal drug delivery has been used in a wide variety of successful commercial products for decades, there are challenges in utilizing this technology to deliver compounds that cannot permeate the skin's outer layer. This is where Zosano is focused.

Zosano has developed the ZP Patch Technology – a user-friendly, simple, and needle-free transdermal delivery system consisting of a patch and reusable applicator – that is proven capable of delivering a broad range of compounds, including peptides, proteins, small molecules and vaccines. The ZP Patch Technology delivers therapeutic compounds via microprojections that permeate the skins outer layer, provide rapid and efficient systemic delivery, ensure significant therapeutic effect, and is painless. Dry coating drug on the thin titanium microprojection array allows for bolus delivery into the skin. The creation of pathways through the skin improves control of drug distribution throughout the patch treatment area and reduces the potential for skin irritation.

The ZP Patch Technology was originally developed at ALZA, a leading drug delivery company, and leverages more than 30 years of transdermal drug delivery experience. Zosano's product development expertise includes formulation, analytical, preclinical, engineering, and clinical manufacturing that is being leveraged across a wide variety of product opportunities.

ZP Patch Technology delivers a controlled, reproducible dose. Preclinical and clinical testing has demonstrated acceptable skin tolerability.

Zosano's Expertise: Biopharmaceuticals, peptides, small water soluble molecules, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines

Transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents has been used successfully for several decades. However, there have been challenges in expanding use of the technology to the delivery of peptides, biopharmaceuticals, small water soluble molecules and vaccines. These drugs cannot permeate the skin's outer stratum corneum layer at levels or rates that achieve significant therapeutic effect.

Technology Capabilities

  • Peptides, potent monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and small molecules
  • Life cycle management
  • Able to work with soluble and non-soluble compounds
  • Bypass first pass metabolism
  • Product room temperature stability

Zosano’s Capabilities

Zosano's product development expertise is extensive and includes:

  • Formulation
  • Analytical
  • Preclinical
  • Clinical
  • System design engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Product development with experienced scientists and engineers
  • GMP and Commercial Manufacturing Capabilities in a 12,000 sq ft manufacturing facility

Zosano’s Product Experience

Zosano has extensive experience with 30 compounds, ranging from large molecules, small molecules, and vaccines that extends from NCEs to marketed compounds. Each program is customized to meet the desired target product profile.

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