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ZP Patch Technology

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Unique Delivery System
Zosano's delivery system puts drug directly into skin for efficient drug delivery — benefits of an injection but without the needle

Zosano's rapid delivery patch has been tested in more than 450 patients with five different peptides and a vaccine.

Zosano has extensive experience with 30 compounds, ranging from large molecules, small molecules, and vaccines that extends from NCEs to marketed compounds. Each program is customized to meet the desired target product profile.

The Zosano EPO program (ZP-EPO) has demonstrated significant pre-clinical progress. The ZP-EPO patch showed high EPO delivery efficiency, a linear dose response and equivalence to the subcutaneous (SC) injected Epogen in animal models. The pharmacokinetic profile of ZP-EPO was similar to Epogen SC injection and shows a comparable biological response with increased reticulocyte production. ZP EPO patch can provide a differentiated product which is a convenient, cost effective alternative to outpatient self- injection.


Clinical Vaccine Study

In a Phase 1 Study using Zosano's vaccine delivery system comparable results to a commercial vaccine administered intramuscularly was achieved.

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