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Zosano Pharma Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company developing a novel transdermal delivery technology for a broad range of therapeutic indications.

We are a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company that has developed a proprietary transdermal microneedle patch system to deliver our proprietary formulations of existing drugs through the skin for the treatment of a variety of indications. Our microneedle patch system offers rapid onset, consistent drug delivery, improved ease of use and room-temperature stability, which we believe often are unavailable using oral formulations or injections. Our microneedle patch system has the potential to deliver numerous medications for a wide variety of indications in commercially attractive markets. By focusing our development efforts on the delivery of established molecules with known safety and efficacy and premium pricing, we plan to reduce our clinical and regulatory risk and development costs and accelerate our time to commercialization.

Our Technology and Product Candidates

Our short-wear-time transdermal patch consists of an array of titanium microneedles that is coated with our proprietary formulation of an existing drug and attached to an adhesive patch. When the patch is applied with our hand-held applicator, the microneedles painlessly penetrate the skin to a depth of 200 microns or less, resulting in rapid dissolution and absorption of the drug coating through the capillary bed. We believe our system enables rapid and consistent delivery of the drug, with therapeutic effect typically occurring within 30 minutes or less, and easy, pain-free administration. We focus on developing specific formulations of approved drugs to be administered by our microneedle patch system, for indications in which rapid onset, ease of use and stability offer significant therapeutic and practical advantages. We target indications with patient populations that we believe will provide us with an attractive commercial opportunity. Our lead product candidates, and the indications they are expected to treat, are as follows:

  • Weekly ZP-PTH, for severe osteoporosis;
  • ZP-Glucagon, for severe hypoglycemia; and
  • ZP-Triptan, for migraine

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