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What if you could accelerate the effectiveness of proven therapeutics so that patients may get relief faster and return to their lives quicker?

Transdermal Drug Delivery
Ready For Relief? Ready. Set. Apply.

Zosano READY transdermal technology Zosano Pharma’s goal is to enhance the therapeutic benefits of proven medications by using its novel transdermal drug delivery platform to deliver drugs rapidly and mitigate limitations experienced with oral administration.

The Company’s patent-protected transdermal delivery platform is differentiated from other technologies enabling fast absorption. While transdermal drug delivery has been used in a wide variety of successful commercial products for decades, there are challenges in utilizing this technology to deliver compounds that cannot permeate the skin’s outer layer.

Zosano Pharma’s delivery system consists of a short wear-time, transdermal adhesive with an array of titanium microprojections that are dry-coated with a proprietary formulation of a previously-approved drug. A hand-held applicator ensures that the adhesive is applied with a defined application energy to the site of administration. When the adhesive is applied with the hand-held applicator, the microprojections penetrate the skin, resulting in rapid dissolution and absorption of the drug through the capillary bed. This method of delivery enables rapid and consistent delivery of the drug. In a discreet and convenient manner, therapeutic blood levels attained in as early as 20 minutes, benefits which the Company believes are often unavailable using traditional topical transdermal delivery or oral formulations. These significant therapeutic and practical advantages address unmet needs with large patient populations.


The Company’s transdermal technology was originally developed at ALZA, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, and leverages more than 30 years of transdermal drug delivery experience. It has been tested in preclinical proof of concept studies that demonstrated its capability and flexibility with the delivery system, as well as its technical feasibility with a broad range of compounds, ranging from small molecules to proteins, peptides and vaccines. Additionally, the technology has been clinically tested in over 400 patients and over 30,000 adhesives across Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies. Preclinical and clinical testing has demonstrated acceptable skin tolerability.

The video above is only intended to be a general demonstration of how the Company’s technology works through the clinical device. This device does not represent the commercial product.

Product Development

Zosano Pharma’s product development expertise includes formulation, analytical, preclinical, engineering, and clinical manufacturing and is being leveraged across a wide variety of product opportunities.