Redefining Transdermal Delivery

Zosano Pharma is a commercially focused biopharmaceutical company enabling the systemic administration of therapeutics and other bioactive molecules to patients using our proprietary intracutaneous microneedle patch system.

We have pioneered a novel paradigm for delivering molecules typically administered parenterally, where the inconvenience and pain associated with subcutaneous, intravenous or other complex administrations present barriers to compliance. Our strengths lie in our diverse team of industry veterans with proven drug and device development and significant commercialization experience. Our lead clinical asset, M207 (zolmitriptan intracutaneous microneedle system), for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adult patients, is currently under review by FDA. We expect that M207 will be available, if approved, in 2022.

Zosano Pharma has developed its proprietary intracutaneous delivery system to administer molecules through the skin for the treatment of a variety of indications. The Company’s intracutaneous delivery system offers rapid and consistent drug delivery, improved ease of use and room-temperature stability, and provides an alternative for therapies which require the use of a conventional needle for administration. All of these are benefits that are often unavailable using oral formulations or injections and offer important therapeutic and practical advantages to address unmet needs in large patient populations.