Vaccines: COVID-19 Partnering Opportunities

With the ability to coat proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines, Zosano is eager to rise to the challenge of responding to the COVID crisis by collaborating with vaccine developers to provide the first microneedle vaccine for at home application.

Our technology is aimed at transforming vaccine dosing paradigms:

Ideal Delivery

Coated microneedles that deliver directly to epidermal/dermal skin layers which may lead to an improved response and potential for dose sparing therapies

One package, one dose‚Äč

Room temperature stable, unit dose vaccine, delivered to the patient's door for at-home dosing

Stable: Zosano formulations are stable at room temperature, deployment using standard mail delivery systems

Easy disposal: Once applied the user would dispose of the unit in standard trash receptacles

Safe: The device prevents the user from inadvertently touching the microneedles and potentially removing some of the therapeutic.

Intuitive: Each patch is a unit dose, mitigating the need for a weight-adjusted calculation of dose, and preventing overdose or incorrect administration.

Proof of Concept: Successfully formulated and dosed >30 compounds of which 6 have advanced to clinical trials –including a Phase 1 trivalent vaccine.

  • Phase 1 clinical data for influenza vaccine showed that the microneedle coated tri-valent flu vaccine was comparable in immune response to the commercial IM injection.

Extensive clinical applications: Over 40,000 patch applications with no incidences of infection.

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